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    My Digital marketing & SEO service provides an affordable solution for small businesses. If you are looking to improve rankings on search engines such as google in Wakefield and Leeds I provide SEO/marketing services from as little as £250 per month.

    traffic increase FOR SEO IN WAKEFIELD

    You can check out some of my clients SEO results here!

    By combining my knowledge of web design best practices, digital marketing and in-depth analytics I can provide a return on investment for your business which other freelancers or small agencies simply can’t match for the price I offer without a small team at hand.

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    I take an holistic approach to marketing and SEO in Wakefield

    I know that getting one thing right out of 100 isn’t good enough. When I take on new clients it’s important for me to not only analyse SEO, but to understand the entire website, its audience, its data and its advertising channels.

    Once I have the data in place I can monitor and assess your visitors to improve there experience of your website and increase conversions. Some SEO’s would not consider checking your existing code structure to increase rankings, but because I work with code daily I can often find problems affecting rankings which others cannot.

    competitive sector

    I use intelligent software and data to make informed Marketing decisions in Wakefield

    I combine my entire arsenal of skills to increase website visitors whilst ensuring those new visitors lead to more conversions using conversion optimisation techniques before creating growth strategies to generate more business for the future.

    Google has been providing strong hints to increase user experience over the past couple of years – Being a user experience expert it’s great news to hear. I use truly organic white hat techniques which ensure a penalty is off the cards. Things like mobile responsiveness, loading times and engagement metrics are very important to myself and to search engines.

    No gaming the system, Just a better website with increased visibility!

    All the efforts we use are based on strategies which focus on improving your website. Thats it. Thats what search engines want to see, better websites to show there users. If google showed poor quality websites google wouldn’t have a very loyal user base. To improve your rankings is to improve your website

    I have lots of happy clients from small business to large

    When your sign up to the monthly SEO service in Wakefield I will personally audit your website and create a marketing plan going forwards. Each month you will be provided with a report which shows your current rankings on search engines, traffic data and much more. You can also access software online which provides details of the work carried 24hrs a day.

    Please get in touch using the form on the right and receive a free website analysis.

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