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    Responsive Web Design

    First off, what is responsive web design?

    Responsive web design is a new web design standard for creating a better viewing experience for people using tablets or mobile phones. Your browser (e.g safari/google chrome etc) produces a separate design for your website if it detects that your using a mobile or tablet.

    This design was pre-built by your web designer and takes into account things like making the navigation bigger for finger presses, creating the correct image size and pixel density of images with retina displays and much more.

    I use media queries combined with twitter BOOTSTRAP to ensure that your website looks perfect and responds perfectly to each browser that views it. Whether that be your mobile phone, a tablet or even just a small laptop screen.

    Why should you have be interested in responsive web design?

    Mobile devices and tablets are becoming increasingly more popular, a vast amount of people are now browsing the web with their mobile phones and tablets. The number of people using these devices to browse the web is only going to grow so it has never been more important to focus your website on responsive web design, it is important for those users to have the best experience possible when visiting your website.

    If a user visits your website, willing to buy your services/products and your website isn’t optimised for their device, that could lead to a poor user experience which may result in the user feeling frustrated and leaving your website without taking any action.

    Most importantly is finding the right web designer?

    I’d say this is an important matter because I know how frustrating mobile websites can when they are not created properly and find myself often clicking the “desktop site” link as soon as I can.

    This frustration defies the purpose of responsive design, we expect to enhance your users experience of your website, not frustrate them!
    Ive found this usually happens because the mobile website has been stripped of important content and functionality for improved load times. I try to find the correct balance between load times, functionality and content to ensure an effortless website design so your users find what they’re looking for.


    benefits of a responsive web design

    If your websites mobile and tablet versions have been built correctly you should benefit from;
    Faster load times for mobiles and tablets

    An easier browsing experience

    Larger navigation links for finger presses

    No need to scroll around a page to see all of the content

    Saves the need of a seperate mobile version of your website which will also help SEO

    An enhanced user experience


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