• Freelance Front-end Developer Skills

    Making designs come to life

    I am fully versed in photoshop CS6 and Adobe Illustrator to cut/dice and slice your agencies designs into a custom built website. I can also create designs from scratch if the client requires.
    I can build your website design using LESS, SASS or plain old CSS combined with BOOTSTRAP for a snappy loading responsive, beautiful website.

    A picture speaks a thousands words!

    Most people forget how important an image is, I believe a picture speaks a thousand words! I like high resolution images and goto great length to ensure your image quality is left intact.
    I compress images as to not impact load time. I combine image files into CSS sprites to avoid numerous irrelevant HTTP requests and If required, I can convert your image to SVG’s for retina devices.

    The customer is always right

    We know User Experience is very important, especially on high traffic websites which require some kind of conversion. Whether that be making sales from an eccommerce store, a sign-up form or simply a contact us form.
    If your User Experience isn’t good, your customer wont be happy. Potential customers may not want to return to your website or use your service/product which was probably the main reason for getting a website in the first place.

    I use javascript/jQuery for user interaction and built all my websites using wordpress.